Re-examing the evalution of FIRST LEGO League 2015

In the last two days I, Kiril Mitov, have personally re-examined the results of FIRST LEGO League 2014/2015 held in Sofia on 28 of February 2015.

The result

There is a change in the championship award score and the first three teams to qualify for the next round are

1. Kasapin40
2. DisasterUs
3. Robots in Pyjamas (instead of Alpha Wolves)

The mistake

There was a technical mistake in filling the points for the team Alpha Wolves and presenting it to the judges at the final evaluation. Instead of 70 the team was given a 170 points.

Why has it happen

It must have had happend in the process of transfering the results from the computer, to the judgest for the final evaluation.

The process

Below you could find the result from the robot game

NameRobot Game scoreRobot game placeHurdle Performance AchievedHurdle Performance Meet
T8Brain Storm15134.00%-44.00%
T7Alpha Wolves701019.00%-29.00%
T13United Robot Talents85923.00%-25.00%
T5Brothers in Arms230562.00%14.00%
T2Dark Defenders231462.00%14.00%
T9Robots in Pyjamas270373.00%25.00%
Hurdle Performance 40%

This means that only teams that have more than 40% of the points of the robot game could qualify for the next round. Alpha Wolves with 170 were part of this 40%, but with 70 are not part.

We have revised the evaluation with the judges and the next team that was considered for finals is Dark Defenders so the final evaluation should have been:
1. Kasapin40
2. DisasterUs
3. Dark Defenders

The team Dark Defenders got a Red Flag for violating the FIRST LEGO League Core values and we have discussed this with them and they do understand it. This team is with 10-11 years old students with marvellous project, surely the best one at this round and we hope that next year they would be number one.

Based on the performance in the other categories the second judges votes went to Robots In Pyjamas so that final is:
1. Kasapin40
2. DisasterUs
3. Robots in Pyjamas (instead of Alpha Wolves)

The team Robots in Pyjamas could decide to participate in the next round and should get in contact with me –, 359 878 933094

I would like to take the opportunity to thank the parents of the team which brought the issue with the technical mistake and we hope you would understand that such mistakes migth happen. When we are wrong we say it transparently and we have tried to revised the results in a timly manner.

We would also like to address this article to team Alpha Wolves which did great in all the other categories and if they had a better chance at the robot game they would have definetely advanced forward to the next round.

For all the teams the judges have written feedback for the Project and how to improve for next year. Get in touch with us if you want to take it.

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