Become a Robopartans Academy


What it is?

Robopartans Local Academy


Works with students from the age of 8 to 16 in the field of robotics and technical science. The goal is to introduce students in STEM education and  programming.

Robopartans school of robotics


Robopartans  provides the Curriculum for 4.5 years, Methodology and Process established after working with thousands of students. Local academies must follow them strictly.



Student can take an exam and be certified by Robopartans. The certificate has a unique number and can be verified online.

Competitions and activities


Students from Local Academies can join all the competition and activities in organized by Robopartans including the international FIRST LEGO League tournament

What do you need?

Access to curriculum

Local Academies receive Robopartans Curriculum at a fixed price per enrolment and can fund their activities in a way appropriate for their organization (government funds, fees from the parents, sponsorships by donors). The curriculum is accessed online and represents all the training materials the students need.

Trainings of instructors

Local Academies must have a Robopartans Certified Instructors working with the students. Each Instructor passes a 3 day on the site training with a two month ongoing. Recommended students/instructor ratio is 12:1


Hardware and Software

Organization should acquire the needed software and hardware for working with students. Starting kits are LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT (EV3) with a recommended ratio students/kits 2:1 and maximum allowed 4:1


Find detailed description at the following page

as well as in the following documents available for offline use.



For more information contact us at:

academies [at] robopartans [dot] com 

+359 887 762 687