The Lord – Dominobot


Probably there isn’t a living person that isn’t fascinated by vertically aligned domino pieces that start falling one by one when you push one of them over. We are. But being programmers, engineers and mathematicians we were too lazy to align the domino pieces ourselves so we decided to build a robot to do it for us. We call it The Lord. It’s consisted by 2 robots, but we have only started working on the first one.

DevelopersKiril Mitov and Ivan Bozhilov
TeamVladimir Aleksiev, Martin Markov, Aleksandar Karadzhinov, Stanislav Ivanov, Deyan Genkovski
StatusUp and running
TypeMoving robot, works with precision, fun robot
CodenameR-05 Private 1
PurposeVertically aligns domino pieces
Basic characteristics
Reservoir25 domino pieces
Motors3 motors that execute five movements
Еngeneering error1 in 25 domino pieces
Programming languageLeJOS and Java
Sample programMercedesCode

Private 1 (in the right of the picture) succeeded some of the responsibilities of Private 0 ( a.k.a. Nulcho). It has better characteristics, stability and performance. Here are some videos of the robot:

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