We had the idea for this robot just before the premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean 4. We were invited by the Bulgarian Lego club http://lebgo.org and we developed the robot together.

Developers Kiril Mitov, Kamen Daalijski, Kamen Brestnichki, Ivailo Savov
Status Sails with tail wind of photons
Whereabouts Anchored in the school of robotics
Type A moving robot, beautiful and quite smart
Codename R-02 Nikita
Purpose Outdoors, exhibitions, fun, complicated programming
Basic characteristics
Lifeboats 1
Sensors 3 light sensors
The way it functions Photon wind
Programming language NXC
Source code ship.pdf, ship1.pdf, ship2.pdf, ship3.pdf

The ship Nikita takes part in different exhibitions. It looks great, it has a stable stern and an awesome sail. It uses light as tailwind. When there is light coming from behind the robot, it goes forward. When the light is coming from its right, it turns left and vice versa. All this happens progressively and the ship’s speed depends on the intensity of the light. There are 4 developed programs . Each of them behaves differently depending on the lamps, that are used, the lighting in the room and the reactions that are expected. Three of the programs are intelligent enough to calibrate automatically depending on the source of light: lamp, sunlight, etc. These are some photos showing his progress: