How can I participate?

Keep an eye on our page Registration to know what the current possibilities are.

Where can I buy a Lego robotics kit?

You will find all the information you need on our shop.

The robotics kits are for kids, I’m the 10th grade, why would I join?

The kits are for everyone above the age of 8. They can be used to build very simple constructions, but they can also be used to build complicated mechanisms like a three stage gearbox, for example. Everything is a matter of applying the right approach and working with a complicated task, and we definitely know how to do that.

Mathematics and physics aren’t my strong side, can I still take up robotics?

Of course you can! Yes, mathematics and physics are an important part, but we try to show students that the complicated, theoretical part of mathematics and physics can be presented in a completely different way. Don’t be surprised if you find an unsuspected passion for these subjects. Besides, at Robopartans, we build, test and have fun with our awesome robots.

Why does the shield of the Robopartan on the logo look like that unlike the Spartans’ shields which have a round shape?

Well, that is not a Spartan. That is a Robopartan and he can have any shield he likes.