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Every organization need three things


Training and Certification

We train, certify and support mentors that take classes with students. No need for them to be robotics experts. All technical challenges are handled by us.


Curriculum and materials

We provide easy access to structured materials for every class. Designed to be used in groups and individually. Quick feedback to students and parents.


Infrastructure and Brand

We support your organization from the moment of initial marketing of classes to certification of students. Brand, sites, social networks, management of students and parents. You don`t have to setup and worry about anything.

Some of the companies who supported us through the years.


robopartans-empowerEmpower Award for Young Entrepreneurs (II place)


BAIT Award


Best start-up business



“30 talents under 30 years”


Become a Robopartans Academy

The main goal of Robopartans and all its partners is to improve the education in the field of engineering and IT by providing curriculum, innovative methodology, tools, process and certification to organizations and individuals. That is achieved with engaging lessons with robots for the ages from 8 to 16 and other means for the grown-up students. Robopartans will assist its partners to establish a Robopartans Regional Academy and Robopartans Local Academies that will work with students in the field of robotics. Robopartans will assist with training the trainers and instructors, providing the know-how, Internet Infrastructure and support for the Regional Academy.


Establishing a Robopartans Local Academy implies two costs

  • Upfront costs including trainings, infrastructure, support.

  • Access to the curriculum – Local Academies can access the curriculum for fixed price per enrolment (student per level).

Benefits of Robopartans Local Academy

  • The organization train students following established Robopartans processes. It can also be flexible enough to add modifications that fit the local organization process;

  • Local Academies receive Robopartans Curriculum at a fixed price and can fund their activities in a way appropriate for their organization (government funds, fees from the parents, sponsorships by donors).

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