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Become a Robopartans Academy

The main goal of Robopartans and all its partners is to improve the education in the field of engineering and IT by providing curriculum, innovative methodology, tools, process and certification to organizations and individuals. That is achieved with engaging lessons with robots for the ages from 8 to 16 and other means for the grown-up students. Robopartans will assist its partners to establish a Robopartans Regional Academy and Robopartans Local Academies that will work with students in the field of robotics. Robopartans will assist with training the trainers and instructors, providing the know-how, Internet Infrastructure and support for the Regional Academy. Establishing a Robopartans Regional Academy implies two costs:

  • Upfront costs including trainings, infrastructure, support and the exclusive right to represent and resell Robopartans know-how in the given region. The upfront costs exclude travelling and accommodation for the initial trainings, and could be slightly modified depending on required services listed below;
  • Yearly subscription costs – Regional Academies can access the curriculum for fixed price per enrolment and can then resell it to Local Academies and Students as they find appropriate.

Benefits of Robopartans Regional Academy:

  • The organization train trainers, instructors and students in the negotiated region following a strict process, but on prices and funding as they find appropriate;
  • The organization receives Robopartans Curriculum on a fixed prices and resell it to local academies and students as they find appropriate.

If you are interested in becoming a regional academy write us an email at academies (at) robopartans (dot) com



Robopartans Ltd is an organization working in the field of technical education, research and development. Our goal is to help organizations throughout the world execute technical and IT education. Robopartans is the creator of curriculum for teaching robotics to students via the LEGO Mindstorms set and software, and has all the rights reserved for this curriculum. Robopartans is located in Sofia, Bulgaria. It can be contacted at: http://www.robopartans.com +359 887 762687 school (at) robopartans (dot) com

Robopartans Regional Academy

Robopartans Regional Academy is an organization responsible to organize Robopartans courses and to reach students in a given Region. This might be a city, state or country. Regional Academy is an independent business or NGO unit supporting students and local academies. Upon signing a contract, the Regional academy receives the right to represent Robopartans in the region and to resell the access to the curriculum as they find applicable. The Regional academy may incorporate Local academy, but it is not obliged to. It is however obliged to have its own Robopartans Trainers, in order to provide training and support for Instructors in the Local academies. The Regional academy is obliged to contract at least three Local academies per year.

Robopartans Local Academy

An organisation (a company or a school) that conducts classes directly with students. A Local Academy operates after signing a contract with its Regional academy. The contact negotiates the rights to train students, the access to the curriculum, the trainings for Instructors and the support, under conditions defined by the Regional academy. The Local academy needs to have access to Mindstorms sets, computers, Instructors and a Venue (a classroom) in order to conduct the classes with Students.

Robopartans Student

Students are all the pupils participating in Robopartans courses organized by Regional or Local Academies. That includes both children, high school, university students and professionals. Upon completion of each Level, the student receives valid Robopartans Certificate for participation issued by the Local academy via the Retiffy platform.

Robopartans Certified Student

Students can participate in a number of Levels. After completion of a Level they receive certificate for participation. However, after each three completed Levels, a Student receives the right to receive Certificate of Achievement. It is earned by successfully taking a virtual exam conducted by Robopartans itself and for the cost of 100$.

Robopartans Certified Instructor

Robopartans Certified Instructor is a professional working with students on a subject like Robotics. Instructors are certified for a given subject and they must have had attended a training course organized by a Regional Academy. The Regional academy defines the fees for the training as they find appropriate. The training must have been led by a Robopartans Certified Trainer. Certification is given after a virtual exam conducted by Robopartans itself for the cost of 100$.

Robopartans Certified Trainer

Robopartans Certified Trainer is a professional that has the knowledge to train other instructors and trainers. Trainers are certified for a given subject and they must have attended a training course organized by a Regional Academy. Certification is given after a virtual exam conducted by Robopartans itself for the cost of 150$. The Trainer needs to work periodically with students and that means that the trainer must teach at least 4 groups per year.

Robotics Level

A Level consists of 7 lessons with the duration of 2 or 3 hours for the ages 8-9 and 10-16 respectively. The lessons typically take place once per week. If the Local academy finds it appropriate it can conduct more than one lesson per week, but no more than 4 lessons per week.

Robotics Set

During robotics courses Students work with Robotics sets. In the beginners course LEGO Mindstorms Robotics Sets are used from the educational series. This include LEGO set 9797, plus set 9695, plus NXT-G programming environment – 2000080.


During courses students work with computers. This computers should have at least 1GB of RAM, CPU power of at least 1.5 GHz and a screen of at least 10.1 inches.


Venue is a room where students work. Every venue must be equipped with appropriate furniture to assure for the healthy working with children according to local government regulations. The Venue consists of workplaces and typically one workplace consists of a Set, Computer, and two Students. The Venue area in this case needs to be at least 3 square meters per workplace.

Web Infrastructure

It consists of online presence of Robopartans internationally and Regionally: a website used for registration, blogging, news and information about the classes; a facebook page; a youtube channel.


Retiffy is an online platform used for managing the certification process. All students, instructors and trainers must be registered at Retiffy.


FLLCasts is an online platform for distributing robotics lessons to students. Every Student, Instructor and Trainer must have access to FLLCasts.

Regional Academy details

Works with Local Academies and/or Students. What do you do:

  • Support and resell trainings of Instructors, access to Curriculum and Web infrastructure to Local academies;
  • Support at least 3 local academies.

What do you get:

  • Exclusive rights for the negotiated Region to resell Curriculum to Local academies and to work with students;
  • Constant updates on the curriculum, process and software;
  • The right to use Robopartans Trade Mark at this region;
  • Access to Retiffy and FLLCasts and curriculum;
  • Support with building the Internet Infrastructure;
  • Support with managing the process – know-how on communication, e-mails, marketing, executing demonstrations, competitions, venue setup.

What does the cost imply: Fixed costs

  • Training of trainers – 5 days of 6 hours per day + online education 2 months for 2-4 hours per week
    • seminar fee plus fee for each Trainer. Maximum of 4 trainees per Trainer during the seminar
    • excluding travel and accommodation.
  • Web infrastructure fee (initial web site and technical maintenance plus initial facebook page) for the first year;
  • Initial tax
  • Exclusive rights, marketing materials, organizational know-how and structure (including operational manual). Workshop with Regional Academies organizers.


  • Curriculum access bought at batches with arbitrary selectable amount:
    • 0 – 300 student enrolments
    • 301 – 500 student enrolments
    • 501-1000 student enrolments
    • more than 1000 student enrolments
  • Web infrastructure yearly technical support and hosting.

For how long: Regional Academies make a contract for 3 years, after which it can be renegotiated and extended.

Local Academy details

Works with students directly. For that purpose it needs to provide a Venue, Robotics sets and Computers. The Regional academy decides if it should subsidize the former requirements or they need to be provided totally by the Local academy. The Local academy needs to buy access to the Curriculum and to have Instructors trained by the Regional academy in order to teach students. The Local academy should also have online presence accessing the Web Infrastructure provided by the Regional academy. The Regional academy have to support the Local academy with technical, marketing and other know-how needed by the Local academy to operate and grow. Local Academy needs:

  • Curriculum
  • Mindstorms – 4:1 student to NXT ratio (recommended 2:1)
  • Computers – 4:1 Students to PC ratio (recommended 2:1)
  • Instructors – 12:1 Students to instructor ratio at once
  • Classroom – 3sq.m. per workplace
  • Access to Retiffy, FLLCasts
  • Internet Infrastructure
  • The organizational know-how and support

First steps

Establishing Regional Academy

The first thing for the Regional academy is to have people trained. That will happen in a 5 day seminar, at a negotiated location. After two months these trainers will be able to teach students and to train Instructors for the needs of the Regional Academy or for some Local Academy. Besides the training of the Trainers there will be additional time spent with the organizer of the Regional academy, so that he knows how to manage the whole structure. During these two months the Regional academy needs to establish contacts and even contracts with a few Local Academies. Those can be schools, private companies or other entities interested in working directly with students. Those negotiations include clarification of the Instructors that will teach the students, the location for the classes, which party should provide technical equipment (Sets and Computers), the means for advertising, etc. The Local academy should be ready to start work with children in the beginning of any of the two public school semesters.

Expectations from a Regional Academy

The goal of Robopartans is to reach more students and to introduce them to technical science. The Regional Academy is expected to organize Local Academies and to provide the education to instructors and students. During the contract period the Regional Academy must reach ever more students and Local Academies.

Funding robots, computers and classroom

The Local Academy must fund and acquire the robots and computers. Robopartans and the Regional Academy could assist in this process with ordering large amounts of robotic and computers that could then be distributed to the Local Academies. Considering all the trading regulations in the given region it is up to the Local Academy to decide how to acquire the robotics sets. If you require Robopartans and the Regional Academy could send and offer. Regional Academies can loan the robotics sets or distribute them to Local Academies.

Required time frame

FirstIntroducing to the Academy Structure and finalizing negotiations
First – SecondContacting potential Local Academies and research on the opportunities
Second – ThirdFinding and preparing the Trainers. Workshop with Trainers. Workshop with Regional Academies organizers
Third – FourthFirst advertisement and groups formed

If you are interested in becoming a regional academy write us an email at academies (at) robopartans (dot) com

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