Стани преподавател

Do you want to change the future?

Become a teacher!

What are our requirements? (in three sentences):

  1. To have knowledge in a specific field in technical sciences (even if you are a student ) – we believe that if the teachers have varied knowledge, we will be able to give the students the opportunity to be exposed to more than one of the sides of technical sciences.
  2. Not to be nervous about working with children and to understand that by teaching them you are also changing their life.
  3. To have the courage to walk down an unexplored path, which will lead you .. towards very interesting places.

How are we going to assist you?

  1. We will provide the required materials and technology, a program for the lessons and the methodology for work.
  2. We will organize seminars and meetings, which will help you make your way into the matter.
  3. With your help, we will spread the word of robotics, we will organize demonstrations, workshops and tournaments, and share our experience.

Why should you do it?

  1. Because it is important, it is interesting and it is a part of something big.
  2. Because you will be able to make decisions, to take responsibility, to be enterprising and to be rewarded for the effort you have put in. The results every day will depend entirely on yourself.
  3. Because in a few years you will be able to look back and say “I was there and I did it”.

What should you do?

  1. Send your resume to schoolXYZ (at) robopartans (dot) com where x is the 161st, y, the 271st and z is the 314th digit of pi after the decimal mark (the first 10 digits after the decimal mark are 1415926535) Expect an answer in the next 24 hours or call us at 0887 ROBOTS.

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