You can see the robot in person while taking a walk in the park. You can see where he will be in the next few days in  this calendar.

DevelopersKiril and Ekaterina
StatusInitial version
TypeA moving robot
PurposeOutdoors, athlete
Basic characteristics
Speed0.1 m/s
Displacement0.30-0.33 m/per step
Programming languageNXC
Source codeskatebot.nxc

Skatebot is a skateboarding robot. He doesn’t do tricks, his main interest is moving forward. These are a couple of clips that show his progress. Last condition of the robot

“Spring repulsion” with two motors

First attempt: using worm gear as pelvis and a cogwheel as a knee. He isn’t particularly fast 🙂

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minavam na 2 nivo yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tova e super . ot boris za robopartans

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