International Sales Officer

School of robotics “Robopartans” is part of Robopartans Group and is operating in the field of education in a number of cities in Bulgaria. We exist to improve the education of students around the world. For the last four years we have worked with thousand of students on site and now we are conducting our courses internationally through online platforms and onsite instructions in a way close to Blended Learning.

The project

We are expanding our network of Regional and Local Academies with initial clients inside and outside of Bulgaria in a model similar to Franchisee-Franchisor. We are looking for a Sales officer to reach more business customers, lead the negotiation, close the deals and support the customer in the first few months. We are expecting full commitment, but we are also agile enough to offer professionals different options.

To our knowledge nobody has ever attempted to deliver technical education in that way. The challenge is great, the achievement would be magnificent and the compensation very dependent on the good results.

Key skills and experience required

  • Knowledge in robotics is NOT required
  • Very good business communications and negotiations skills.
  • Intermediate computer literacy

Key skills and experience valued

  • Professional experience in the development of Franchisee-Franchisor businesses

What you should do?

  • Prepare a description of projects you have worked on and provide us with insight on the results you have achieved.
  • Prepare a CV
  • Send the documents to with subject “International Sales Officer”

Contact for further questions, +359878933094

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